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We supply new tooling from leading suppliers.

Always looking for the next innovations and competitively priced, to meet your requirements and specifications. Whatever your budget from major industry to domestic use. 



Over 40 years experience within the industry, both in an in-house service environment, and with the creation of NS Tooling Services Ltd in 2000, as a service provider to many wood machining and engineering companies, we have a unique perspective to care for and advise you on your tooling needs. 


We can repair or supply parts for power tools, as well as repairs on HSS, Diamond and Carbide tipped tooling. We fully inspect all tooling before sharpening, and will always advise before undertaking any work on your equipment.


NS Tooling Services have further developed a Tool Management solution to predict trends in customer requirements. We can monitor your tooling usage so you can manage your budgets better. We can also provide vending machines and stock to ensure you never have downtime due to tool shortages.


Always developing ways to incorporate new technologies into our environment.
40 years of continued development, has enabled us to become pioneers working with major tooling manufacturers, moving forward to meet new challenges.


We aim to be at the cutting edge of everything we do...

Here is a list of items we can service or supply from A-Z but this list is by no means exhaustive - if you do not see what you require please ask! 

  • Abrasives and DeBurring

  • Ball Nose & Coving Bits

  • Bandmills

  • Bandsaws

  • Biscuit Jointers

  • Boring Bits

  • Carbide Tipped Saws for Home Use

  • Carbide Tipped Saws for Industrial Use

  • Carpenters Beam Planers

  • Carpentry Drilling Machines

  • Chain Mortisers

  • Chipper Knives

  • Collets

  • Countersink, Mill, and Lip and Spur Bits

  • Door Lock Mortisers

  • Drilling Stations

  • Drills

  • Duo Dowel Systems

  • Dust Extractors

  • Edge Grooving Cutters

  • Edge Radius Bits

  • Feed Rollers

  • Flush Trim Panel Bits

  • Forestry Knives

  • Garden Tools

  • Groove Cutting Machine

  • Guillotine Blades 

  • Hand Saws

  • Hand Tools

  • Hinge Boring Bits

  • Hogging Heads

  • Holesaws and Accessories

  • Indexable Knives

  • Jig Saw

  • Meat and Fish Cutting Blades

  • Mitre Circular Saw Blades

  • Mortice Chisel and Bits

  • Moulding Bits

  • Multi Profile Cutters

  • Ogee Bits

  • Planer Blades

  • Portable Bandsaws

  • Portable Circular Saw Blades

  • Portable Circular Saws

  • Portable Hand Routers

  • Portable Panel Saws

  • Portable Plunge Saws

  • Personal Protective Equipment

  • Replacement TCT Inserts

  • Rota Broach Cutters

  • Rounding Over Bits

  • Routers

  • Sabre Saw

  • Scarifying Blades

  • SHSS Profile Knives from stock, wood sample or CAD file / drawing

  • SHSS Saws

  • Spares and replacement parts

  • Straight Router Bits

  • Stump Grinding Tips

  • Table Circular Saw Blades

  • TCT Drills

  • TCT Profile Knives from stock, wood sample or CAD file / drawing

  • TCT Scoring Saw Blades

  • Tenon Saws

  • Tool Holders

  • Tungsten Carbide Router Bits

  • UPVC Tooling

  • Vee Grooving Bits



Established in 2000 as a leading supplier, manufacturer and service workshop for all types of tools for the woodworking and engineering industry.

Expansion since has led to larger premises, a greater and wider machining capacity to cope with increasing demand for our services.

  One of the first companies to be recognised as a Freud accredited service centre in the UK


Leading edge computerized sharpening and grinding equipment means we can work to greater standards than ever before, and at the same time help your tools last longer and be more productive.

With over 40 years experience NS Tooling Services prides itself on its highest quality products and customer services.


We also manufacture Profile Cutters, TCT Profile Inserts and Router Cutters to customers' exact requirements.


We supply replacement branded tools from Freud, Bosch, Trend, and Hakansson, as well as Dewalt, Milwaukee, Faithfull and many other brands to suit your requirements and budget.

Situated in North Lincolnshire and providing Free Collection and Delivery service for our customers we are more than confident you will be happy with our service.

Not all sharpening services are created equal!

At NS Tooling Services Ltd, we are dedicated to making sure our customers get back the sharpest and most effective tools possible after they send them to us for sharpening.

To achieve that, we follow a strict and detailed intake, database, grinding, and transport process, either by our own vans or by trusted courier to maximize tool  sharpness, lifespan, and effectiveness.

Our servicing and sharpening process utilises only the most effective equipment and processes.

When a tool is properly shaped and sharpened, it benefits from longer run times and chip-free cuts. We can achieve the sharpness and shape that our customers need in their workshops and factories by using only the best diamond wheels,

equipment, skills, and resources to handle an ever-changing industry.
The use of composite materials means that service centres must constantly stay up-to-date on the latest sharpening technologies and methods. We strive to maintain cutting-edge techniques and equipment, which means we are equipped to handle whatever is sent to us.


Depending on your workload, being without one of your tools for even a day or two can put you in a serious bind. That is why it’s vital that you choose a service centre that will get the job done right the first time and work hard to get your equipment back to you as quickly as possible.

At NS Tooling Services Ltd, we are proud to be certified as a Freud Certified Service Centre, and we strive to uphold our reputation for excellence with every part we receive. Contact us today at to arrange for your tools to be serviced by our expert technicians, and get the performance and long run-times you need to succeed.

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